Is Square Enix Stepping Back? Important Announcement In A Controversial Case!

From now on, Square Enix will only apply generative artificial intelligence to “areas unrelated to creativity”, as opposed to the comprehensive application as previously planned.



One of the most exciting topics in the industry in the last year is the use of generative artificial intelligence in video game development. For this very reason, several companies, such as Embracer Group or Square Enix, have stated that they will continue to be “aggressive” towards AI in 2024. But he seems to have changed his mind in the last six months.

While in the short term, their goal was to “improve the productivity of development processes”, Square Enix’s creators now see it differently.

As reported by PC Gamer, Square Enix has announced that it will be cautious about using artificial intelligence. This goes against his statements half a year ago that they would maintain an “aggressive attitude”. In a recent investor call (as translated by Automaton), the company’s CEO, Takashi Kiryu, said that the approach to AI has changed. “AI itself has tremendous potential. However, there are also many risks involved,” he began.

Square Enix will only use the AI ​​and its tools if they have been vetted. “We have introduced a flow whereby AI-related tools are used internally only after being properly examined,” he explains. However, the application of generative AI in areas related to creativity is “extremely delicate”.

Therefore, they decided to avoid this and only apply artificial intelligence “in areas unrelated to creativity”.


Square Enix is ​​pursuing an “aggressive cross-platform strategy”


The creators of Final Fantasy have announced some exciting changes in recent months. One of the most important is that according to Square Enix’s new business plan, they are pursuing an “aggressive cross-platform strategy”. This is also related to the fact that fewer titles are now being developed “to ensure higher quality”. However, this resulted in the cancellation of several unannounced projects, causing losses of millions.

Source: PC Gamer, Automaton

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