The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – The first expansion is coming soon [VIDEO]

It’s almost been four months since CD Projekt RED has released The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which – as expected – sold in the millions quite quickly, on all three platforms. We already knew about that the Polish team is planning two expansions for Geralt’s story. The first one got introduced, it is called Hearts of Stone. It is going to launch on October 13 and it’s going to take over ten hours to complete, it’ll have new characters, storylines and also, it is going to introduce the Runewords. The Runewords will all affect the gameplay in different ways, giving the players a much more wider freedom in strategy, possibly pushing replayability further.


Interestingly, they are also going to launch a limited collectors edition for the expansion, which will cost 20 dollars/euros. This package will have a collector’s box, a download code for Hearts of Stone (you must have the base game for it to work!), a Gwent guide, two decks of cards and tokens for the game. This edition is aimed at the fans of Gwent, which really ended up as a huge success in the base game. CDPR thought of those, who already bought the Expansion Pack – they are able to pick the Gwent stuff up separately, for the price of the shipping fee. They can sign up on this site: LINK

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