New Unity engine, with VR support

It was already a regular sight to see indie games getting ported to the PlayStation 4. Many of them make use of the Unity engine, which is a cheap, easy-to-use – and effective – solution for the game developers. Now, this got a new update, which knocks the version number to 5.2. Why is it interesting, you might ask…

That is because Unity engine now supports the Project Morpheus (or… PlayStation RealEyes? We don’t know about it…) virtual reality headset of Sony. It was about time, because Unity was already supporting the rivals, namely Oculus Rift, while Sony’s side was out of question, but it’s over now.

If we add that over thirty games are in development for the Project Morpheus, we can only wonder how many will now be made with the Unity engine being updated. The headset is about 85% complete, and it’s going to release next year (possible January release?), so we’re waiting for updates on that – it’s practically impossible that the devs will not pick up the Unity engine and use it…

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