Allison Road is now on Kickstarter [VIDEO]

Do you remember P.T.? Of course, Konami since then has booted the playable teaser of Silent Hills off the PlayStation Network, got rid on Hideo Kojima (and also made del Toro to give up on games). This is what Lilith is trying to make us forget, because they were really inspired by P.T.: they created Allison Road, which was put up on Kickstarter yesterday. Their original target is 250 thousand British Pounds, and they already cracked 54 thousand in just one day. (This is an absolutely respectable progress so far, isn’t it?)

Manchester looks very frightening so far, and as the devs write on Kickstarter, they have spent a lot of time to focus on an excellent narrative, and for them, older games, like Dead Space, Resident Evil 2 or Silent Hill were really an inspiration, and if they end up taking some good ideas from these three great games, it should work out well. The audio also seems to be on the spot.

The release date is set to by the end of 2016 on PC, but seeing the Steam Greenlight‘s success, as well as several of the rewards mention PlayStation 4 and Xbox One copies of the game, it’s probably going to be one of the stretch goals. Will they pull it off? Absolutely. There will be a demo of the game during 2016 called Lucid Dream. Wow… LINK

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