Fallout 4 – Behind the scenes with Dogmeat [VIDEO]

There is no new S.P.E.C.I.A.L. video yet (don’t worry, it will arrive later this week!), until then, Bethesda Game Studios have published a new trailer, focusing on a different character. What, or who exactly are we talking about…?
Joel Burgess is the lead level designer of Fallout 4. He has a German Shepherd dog called River. He was transformed into the game, and Dogmeat was born.

He is not able to die during the game (it’d be sad if that was the case). He got a small trailer in this post-apocalyptic, open world RPG, which took some time after 3 and New Vegas to be announced – thankfully, it happened in the early summer days.
During this trailer, we can see River, who slowly, but steadily gets integrated into Fallout 4, where Dogmeat is generally an adorable sight next to our hero.

(Or heroine, depends on what character you create.) Great idea, hopefully he will be able to gain levels during the story: it would be a fantastic thing, if he could throat bite the enemies to help us.
The game launches on November 10 on PS4, X1 and PC.

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