Life is Strange – When’s the finale coming up?

In the end of July, we were shocked in a clever way by Dontnod Entertainment‘s Life is Strange with a twist at the end of the fourth episode, brining up the question, as in how the hell will the story end after this event? (We already have a suspicion about it, but we will not going to spoil it for you.) However, we now know a release day which the developers are aiming for with the fifth episode, Polarized.

The announcement happened yesterday, on Max’s birthday (how clever), saying the game is going to continue on October 20. This is somewhat far, but seeing two and a half months of time between two episodes is somewhat regular nowadays, seeing Telltale‘s moves…

But it looks like the French developers originally planned more than five episodes for the game. A Redditor called lixyna discovered something in one of the game’s files: Dontnod looks like they planned for eight episodes. We don’t know what’s going to happen, maybe they just planned the game oriignally in eight episodes, or maybe 6-8 will be DLCs. We’ll see…

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