Call of Duty: Black Ops III PlayStation 4 bundle: EVERY PICTURES are here!

Almost all major AAA releases are receiving a PlayStation 4 bundle upon their launch – it’s especially noticable with Activision and Ubisoft games in our opinion. The amount of bundles are really flourishing right now, and it will be even more out there with Call of Duty: Black Ops III, although the looks of the console will be different compared to an ordinary PlayStation 4… and you might find it looking quite ugly at first sight.

There is another change with this bundle, because the PS4 won’t have 500 gigabytes of storage, instead, it will come with 1 terabyte of storage, which means double space. (Is it the first bundle, or pretty much the first PS4 with a 1 tb hard drive…?) The price will be 450 dollars, but seeing how a 500GB PS4+the game costs 400, you effectively pay for the extra storage and the limited edition console, which might be worth it.

The only problem for us is the looks of the console and the DualShock 4! The III on the PS4 looks weird, because the blue bar on it ruins the visuals, although it still kept the Tron-ish look. And the DualShock 4: it has a III on the right grip, and it will be sold separately upon the game’s launch.

The bundle and the DualShock 4 will launch on November 6.

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