Just Cause 3: Story trailer [VIDEO]

Most games require a story, especially an open-world title like Just Cause. So it’s no surprise to see Avalanche Studios edit together a trailer for Just Cause 3‘s story, with Rico returning as the protagonist after the first two games. Of course he’s in the star role this time around as well! Who else could be the hero?

Rico’s and the rebels’ aim is to free Medici’s island. For that, someone has to be eliminated, namely General Di Ravello, whose army even got a name. It’s Di Ravello’s Military. There’s a small joke hidden here, it’s called DRM for short, which is also the acronym for Digital Rights Management. What a clever insider joke.

Also, this army will have Bavarium at hand, which enables them to have an almost unlimited power source to help their case. And Bavarium sounds like Bavaria, a federal state in Germany. How many jokes can Avalanche hide in their game…?
We’ll see on December 1: that is the launch day for the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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