Life is Strange’s limited physical edition just got a trailer [VIDEO]

Goddamnit, Dontnod, why releasing a trailer during the Christmas rush? They did so, though: Life is Strange‘s limited physical edition got a trailer yesterday. Thankfully, all three platforms will be available in physical format, so the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will all get their dose of Max and Chloe on January 22, 2016.

Square Enix detailed the so far elusive Developer Commentary segment of the package. It „contains footage of the development team providing insight and discussing major elements themes as they revisit key moments of the series”. (Where’s our credit card? Must… preorder… now)

There’s going to be other goodies in the limited edition as well: the game disc, a 14-track soundtrack CD and a 32-page artbook will also be put into the limited edition package. You can still preorder (you can do so here): the PC version costs 25€, the console versions will cost 35€, so likely the US pricing will be the same, just in dollars. Shipping is free.

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