A new Mighty No. 9 trailer – Bring It! [VIDEO]

Mighty No. 9 had huge promises, when it marched to Kickstarter – the game reached over 4 million dollars of funding, resulting in development for all current consoles. Then came the delays (the game is now set to launch in February 2016). Meanwhile, the game itself doesn’t look that… nice, and the latest trailer, which is called Bring It!, is very awkward, especially because of the narrator and his voiceover.

We can see three modes of Comcept’s game in the trailer. Boss Rush mode is self-explanitory. Challenge mode needs no explanation either. Then, there’s One Hit Death Maniac Mode, which kills you in one single hit, no matter what hits you; it’s going to be useful for speedrunners to practice their runs. That diifficulty level sounds like Metal Gear Solid 3’s European Extreme Mode – you get spotted? Mission Failed.

We will also be able to play together or against each other, as well as having a race to the finish on a chosen level. It’s all fine and dandy, but what cost four million dollars in this project? Was the failed Red Ash Kickstarter project funded out of this? Weird.

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