The Walking Dead: Michonne – It’ll start in February! [VIDEO]

On The Game Awards, Telltale Games didn’t just reveal the Batman series. They also showed some footage from The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series, which was announced almost half a year ago. The previous rumours, which said that we will be able to play the game very shortly all were proven to be false. Telltale announced the launch date – it’s not going to happen as soon as we would have thought!

The three-episode mini-series will start up in February 2016, and unsurprisingly, it’s going to come to the following platforms: PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3/Xbox One/Xbox 360/PC/Mac/Android/iOS. According to the press release, it’s going to be a stand-alone series. So… isn’t it going to be a DLC for Season 2, just as 400 Days was for Season 1 after all?

While this series can perfectly tie Telltale‘s game together with the comics, we would still rather play the third season already. We still don’t know how our final decision at the end of Season 2 would affect certain characters…

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