Konami: A „New Metal Gear” job listing – intentional timing?

When we thought that the departure of Hideo Kojima would chill the situation around Konami, we were completely wrong. While he’s reforming Kojima Productions under Sony Computer Entertainment, Konami managed to grab our attention with an unsurprising job listing.

Konami is working on a new game, which is – probably codenamed – „NEW METAL GEAR”. They indeed kept their word because they previously said new Metal Gear games will be done without Kojima. (How on Earth can they pull that off, though?) For this project, the Japanese company is recruiting new people. Let’s hope that they won’t end up as janitors and/or security guards. There’s an interesting thing about this job listing.

For the work location, they wrote Tokyo and Los Angeles. But wait, the Los Angeles studio was closed just recently! Either this means Konami forgot to remove that, or they plan to reopen the American Konami studio. We’d pick the first option.

It’s a brave and bold move by Konami to continue Metal Gear without the influence with Kojima and announce this just two days after his departure.


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  1. Avatar Tibor Kese Szakállas says:

    do it… just do it! We will boycott you Konami! 😉

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