Gravity Rush Remastered – A Toyama-interview [VIDEO]

While we’re waiting for our review copy of Gravity Rush Remastered, have a look at an interview with the game’s creator. It helps lower our impatience. Keiichiro Toyama created an outstanding game in 2012: the PS Vita-exclusive Gravity Rush under Sony‘s Japan Studio. Since then, the PS4 was released, and while this console’s star is going up, the PS Vita‘s hopes are waning. No wonder how this game is getting a console port just like how Tearaway did last autumn.

Toyama says the main reason behind the PS4 port was making Gravity Rush available to a wider audience. He added that the game received a following due to the original setting and how Kat, the heroine isn’t more than a regular person. She doesn’t fully understand what happens in Hekseville. Why’s a cat in the game? Toyama admits it: he had a cat as a kid, and he thinks they are cute – makes sense.

Full HD graphics, 60 frames per second – just one of the many reasons why Gravity Rush is promising. Expect our review next week!

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