A new month, a new PSN outage!

PlayStation Network started February on its bad leg again. As was the case with the first Monday in January (when the entire network went down for roughly half a day), Sony saw the PSN go down yesterday again. On February 1, a lot of players just saw the usual down for maintenance error message while trying to connect to the network.

After the January outage, Sony offered to extend the active PlayStation Plus subscriptions by a single day. This is very likely going to be repeated over the course of February… or maybe they’ll just swipe this outage under the rug entirely. After a few hours, Sony did comment that they are working on fixing the network and by the evening (Central European Time), the PSN was working just fine.

Isn’t this happening way too often? If we see the PSN go down on every first Monday of the months (is it eventually becoming a tradition?), it’d just be an extremely disappointing situation and not an annoyance. Sony, get your act together already!

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