Samurai Shodown: new game next year for PS4?

SNK doesn’t want just to push King of Fighters; they have plans to bring back another franchise. Rumors say that SNK Playmore is already working on a new Samurai Shodown game. Technically, it would be a 2D fighter but with 3D models. Street Fighter V also uses this method, but King of Fighters XIV follows the same style as well.

Samurai Shodown started back in 1993, and it was revolutionary. It was the first one on one weapon fighting game in gaming history, giving birth to the entire genre. Also, this franchise had characters who could use animals to help them during their fights. The last game in the series launched in 2009: Samurai Shodown Anthology was released for Wii, PSP, and PS2. The last new episode was Sen in 2008 – on consoles, it was a Xbox 360-exclusive. It was a major flop.

It looks like SNK Playmore is returning to the Samurai Shodown name. If the rumors are true, we can expect to see the new installment on the PS4 in 2017!

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