No new Mass Effect in 2016!

If you were hoping to get your next dose of Bioware-drug this year, namely Mass Effect Andromeda, prepare to be disappointed. Electronic Arts‘ Chief Financial Officer, Blake Jorgensen mentioned a few important games and their release dates for the upcoming year.

He says: „We have a great year ahead. We have Battlefield, our first person shooter game coming in the third quarter and third party title, Respawn, our partner that builds Titanfall. Both are first person shooters and will be targeted at fast, action driven shooter market as well as strategy driven market. We have Mirror’s Edge that will be in the first quarter and Mass Effect Andromeda, which is a sci-fi action for the fourth quarter. So a big year we are pretty excited.”

Seeing the amount of people leaving Bioware, it’s not a surprise to see Mass Effect launch only in early 2017. Let’s hope they will be able to get back on their feet from the recent brain drain. Also, Jorgensen’s comment confirms Titanfall 2‘s launch this year as well.

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