A Brand New Ip from Bioware!

We mostly had just negative news articles about Bioware in the past few months. No wonder why: each month saw one of their key people depart. They were out at the GDC, where they managed to fly under the radar with an „announcement”!

Alistair McNally, Senior Director of Creative Development, revealed that he wore a T-shirt with their new, unannounced IP‘s name on it and nobody even thought of this clever trick! Bioware already teased their new IP back at E3 2014, so they have something else for us in store aside from Mass Effect Andromeda, which got delayed to 2017.

Do we have a reason to worry? Oh yes, we do: Bioware’s latest IP, Shadow Realms, was cancelled. We would have checked out what their Austin studio’s interpretation of 4v1 action-RPG would have been…

So if you were out at the GDC this year and took a photo with McNally, find it to reveal the new IP‘s name! Perhaps this was their plan all along? Guerilla marketing? Likely. No worries, though – Bioware will probably announce it at this year’s E3!

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