Deadpool Became the Highest-Earning R-Rated Movie

MOVIE NEWS – Deadpool has just beaten ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ at the global box office to become the highest-grossing R-Rated movie ever. While this weekend was a commercial (if not critical) triumph of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, another “superhero” was still managed to surprise the history of the box office. Yes, Deadpool has finally reached a big milestone. It is now legitimately the highest grossing R-Rated movie of all time. And this comes after the Marvel and 20th Century Fox adventure has been in theaters for 7 weeks.

The Matrix Reloaded, which was released in 2003, had the highest grossing R-rated record for a astonishing 13 years. It stood firm with its worldwide take of $742 million. But Deadpool just stuck another impressive weekend run under its belt, taking in an additional $5 million at the domestic box office. This pushes its global tally to $745 million.

In the USA, while Deadpool hammered The Matrix Reloaded out of the way, it is only the third highest grossing R-rated movie at the domestic box office. It is trapped behind American Sniper, in second place with $350.1 million, and The Passion of the Christ in first place with $370.7 million. Deadpool presently has stateside earnings of $349.4 million. It’s not yet clear if it will have enough staying power to knock down Mel Gibson’s biblical epic. But if it does, expect to see a lot of Deadpool is more popular than Jesus’ headlines.

Deadpool was released February 12th, 2016.

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