An Important PS4 Update Comes Tomorrow!

Sony brings a necessary update to the PlayStation 4 tomorrow. The console will receive a significant addition to its skills that most players will likely rate positively in the future.

From tomorrow, we will be able to Remote Play our PlayStation 4 games to new platforms! With the help of the Remote Play app, we can stream our games to PCs and Macs with an up to 720p resolution. You can also use your DualShock 4 – all you need is a USB cable (and a free USB port). Attention! It doesn’t work on Windows 7! You need 8, 8.1, or 10!

The 3,50 firmware brings other new improvements. We can set ourselves as offline, receive friend online notifications, or schedule a game event so that our friends get added to the party at that fixed point. The new firmware also allows party members to see what others play, and if they like what they see, they can join in easily.

You can download the Remote Play here from this website

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