The Electronic Arts-Donald Trump Scandal

What is the relation between a game publisher and one of the likely presidential candidates in the United States? It might be a little too difficult to follow, but let’s go through both halves of the story.

Donald Trump is using Twitter as a platform for his campaign hoping that he will become the next President of the United States. Sometimes, he uses thirty-second video messages as well. Electronic Arts, on the other hand, is the publisher of Mass Effect games. You might find a connection between the two. No?

Trump also reposted a fan-made video on Twitter. It featured quotes from Illusive Man‘s speech in Mass Effect 2. One of the quotes was „We’re at war.” Taking this out of context might make sense, but this quote wasn’t related to Donald Trump initially at all.

The video is called Trump Effect, and it also features Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Ben Carson. It was removed from both Twitter and YouTube after Electronic Arts have filed a copyright complaint stating that their IP was used without permission, as well as EA not supporting the usage of their intellectual property for political propaganda. Manveer Heir, game designer of Mass Effect Andromeda, says it’s gross, also adding that Trump either didn’t consider or didn’t know that Illusive Man is the antagonist in the story…

Long story short, never mix politics with video games…

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