Everyone Deserves Some DOOM! Open Beta Date!

id Software and Bethesda have done the usual thing: not only pre-orderers will be able to play DOOM before its release. They went a step forward and decided that everyone should be able to get a taste of the first id Tech 6 engine-using game by running another beta test.

The open beta will happen between April 15 and 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We will get the same modes (Team Deathmatch and Warpath) and maps (Heatwave, Infernal) that the closed beta offered. From what we have seen and experienced, the new id game plays just like Quake III Arena, but boy, does it do it brilliantly…

DOOM’s Snapmap (multiplayer level editor) and the multiplayer will receive free updates, but there will also be a 40-dollar Season Pass, too. You can buy the three DLCs separately, for 15 bucks each. The first one will launch in the summer with the following items:

  • Three new maps
  • One new weapon
  • One new playable demon
  • One new armor set
  • One new piece of equipment
  • New hack modules and taunts
  • New customization colors and patterns

…and the game will do so on May 13.

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