Michonne Is In The Finish Line, Here’s When She Comes!

Telltale mostly just shot themselves on the feet with The Walking Dead: Michonne. Sure, we know that this is a comic book character who has an important role, and that’s also meaning that she just cannot die in the mini-series. The problem is mostly the length and how dull the previous two episodes were.

The release date is April 26 for the finale, and outside your toaster and washing machine, it will be available for almost every platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android. We’ll see how our decision in regards to Angry Joe Randall will change the plot, as well as Norma’s band’s mentality towards us. (Hopefully.)

What We Deserve – what DO we deserve, though? A decent quality mini-series, perhaps? The finale will decide whether it’s even worth picking up Michonne or not. Whenever we get our hands on the third episode, we will get to review it… and hopefully not beat it in an hour.

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