From DOOM to DooM! [VIDEO]

The new DOOM game inspires the modders! The 2016’s game’s maps, as well as weapons, are slowly, but steadily get converted over to the original game from 1993!

DBThanatos has shown off a trailer of his new mod called DOOM for DooM. This mod aims to pull the weapons from the 2016 game and have them recreated in the classic game. The video below our article shows off the Heavy Assault Rifle, the Super Shotgun, the Rocket Launcher, the Pulse Rifle, the BFG 9000, and the Gauss Cannon. Unfortunately, no guns have their secondary fire option available yet outside the pistol and the shotgun.

DBThanatos tries to respect the firing times of the new DOOM game while balancing out the weapons’ powers. There will also be gore, but not as much as seen in Brutal Doom.

DOOM for DooM has no release date yet, but it’s „coming soon…ish”. Let’s just hope it’s not going to go into „when it’s done!”

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