Red Dead Redemption 2? Remake? Something Has To Be Going On!

An ex-Rockstar-employee’s portfolio showed a suspicious image with an even more ominous date.

Matt Clyne’s Zenfolio page contains a Red Dead Redemption image. That’s alright, but it’s dated July 2015. That should be alarming, isn’t it? On top of it, Clyne also locked down his profile with a password. If he had kept it available as normal, nothing would have happened, but hiding a possible proof? We might have caught Rockstar red handed.

We heard multiple rumors about Rockstar either working on the sequel or a current-gen remake in the previous months. (If the latter ends up happening, we’d also appreciate a PC port for Red Dead Redemption.) Going by the image below our article, Rockstar is up to something fishy without a doubt.

They might reveal it at E3. There has to be a reason why there’re multiple rumors about Red Dead Redemption. Even Take-Two’s (publisher for Rockstar) CEO has hinted at RDR…


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