Watch Dogs 2 Will Be Indeed Out At E3!

A YouTuber receives a surprise package – nothing can stop Ubisoft now!

We know multiple things about the second Watch Dogs installment: it’s in development, it will be out by April, plus we also have seen rumors about how the protagonist would look like. RadBrad, a popular YouTuber, got a Watch Dogs 2-themed gift box by Ubisoft just the other day. Why would the French company hand out something like this just before the E3?

The answer is simple: they handle Watch Dogs 2 as one of their biggest games. It’s literally impossible not to see this game in detail – there’s a reason for this kind of marketing campaign, after all, they don’t do it for no reason.
Ubisoft’s E3 conference has another question waiting to be answered: will the new Assassin’s Creed game (out in 2017) get christened? At least the people would talk about it despite Assassin’s Creed not returning for at least a year or so.

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