[E3 2016] Jim Ryan (Sony): „The PlayStation VR Will Be a Success, and I’ll Tell You Why!” [VIDEO]

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s head of marketing has a bold statement about the PlayStation VR.

While Sony is working on the PlayStation 4 NEO, the base console will get the virtual reality headset on October 13 regardless. According to Jim Ryan, Sony has all the reasons to think positively about the PlayStation VR. Ryan says that due to over forty million PlayStation 4s have been sold already (at least), the bigger install base (and the lower price compared to the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive) will mean a bigger potential customer base in the autumn.

We can’t judge how successful the PlayStation VR will be. Although there are multiple games are in the works for the headset, such as Battlefront, Batman: Arkham, or Crytek’s Robinson, it is too early to see what Sony will reap. At least they aren’t entering the market unprepared.

Sony also compiled a short recap with the games for the PS4 and the PSVR, saying that „E3’s Best Games are on” these platforms. Bold.

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