Tencent Acquires Another Developer For A LOT Of Money!

The Chinese company continues its expansion.

Finnish developer Supercell, who has developed a freemium MMO called Clash of Clans on iOS and Android, went under an acquisition. Tencent opened its wallet and transfered no less than 8.6 billion (!) dollars to previous majority owner Softbank. This amount of cash gives Tencent an 84.3 percent ownership in Supercell, and this deal is one of the biggest ones in the gaming industry. Only Vivendi’s Ubisoft/Gameloft stake raising can keep the pace up with Tencent.

Tencent has previously purchased stakes in League of Legends’ developer Riot Games, as well as the Unreal Engine-creating Epic Games.

The Chinese are opening up to the international gaming industry, although this statement is true the other way, too: after roughly one and a half decades, the Chinese government has lifted the console ban in the country.

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