Rise of The Tomb Raider Devs: „Don’t Worry, It Will Indeed Come To The PS4!”

Hopefully, you did not forget about Rise of the Tomb Raider! While Miss Lara is in a Microsoft-exclusivity at the moment, she will move over to the PlayStation 4 shortly.

Crystal Dynamics, the developers of the game, have confirmed that they will not leave Sony behind, so Rise of the Tomb Raider should be available for the PS4 by the end of 2016 despite us not hearing a single word about this game even during Sony‘s E3 conference.

The only thing we’re questioning is that after the one-year exclusivity period ends, how much of an improvement will be there from the Xbox One version to the PlayStation 4 port. Mind you; the blue side should have a bit more horsepower under the hood than the green one, so technically, Lara should look a little bit better on the PS4 than on X1.

We’ll see whenever Crystal Dynamics decides to show some gameplay of the PlayStation 4 version (if they are allowed to do so).

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