Sony XDev Europe Is Bitter And Jealous Over Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go flipped the lives of thousands of mobile owners, because they began looking around in their environment due to the „Gotta catch’em all” mentality, and because of this game, Nintendo‘s financial situation seems all of a sudden rosy.

While it’s healthy to have some rivaling going on between console manufacturers, Sony XDEV Europe‘s recent Tweet raised eyebrows, though. „Sorry Pokémon Go but Invizimals have been in the real world way before you.”

One of the first responses said: „no one cares.” To this comment, XDEV didn’t keep their fingers away from the keyboard, and the reply was „Thanks for caring enough to respond. :o)”

This small comment war triggered a lot more comments! Trolling and back-and-forth comments spread out from this response, and a lot of people had a bad opinion about Invizimals and the PS Vita, and a few other replies did the opposite, and defend them.
Invizimals is an augmented reality that launched in 2009/2010 (EU/US launch) on the PSP, but the franchise has moved on to the PlayStation Vita (the iOS/Android ports are on the way as well). The gameplay is similar to what you can expect in Pokémon, so Sony XDEV‘s comment isn’t reasonable, so to speak. In Invizimals, players have to capture and raise different species of creatures, allowing the player to battle with them, either against an AI or with others using the PSP‘s wireless abilities.

It requires the player to hunt and capture these creatures within the real world, using the concept of augmented reality, a camera attachment for the PlayStation Portable, and a physical “trap” square-shaped device used as a fiduciary marker. These monsters are spawned at different environments (determined by colors of surfaces and time of day), and the trap is used to capture the monsters. Once captured, players can raise and level their monsters, and allow them to learn different attacks that can be used in battle. Players can also use the trap to view their monsters, and take pictures of their collection.

Are those grapes sour for XDEV, because they couldn’t pull something similar off to Pokémon Go? They completed their mission, though: there’s some attention on Invizimals.

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