Five New The Last Guardian Screenshots Emerged

It’s almost frightening to write it down, but it’s the truth: Fumito Ueda‘s latest game (he previously worked on ICO and Shadow of the Colossus) has been in development since 2007.

The Last Guardian was first shown to the public at E3 in 2009, and as time passed, the development moved from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4, and we can (hopefully) see the results in October, but you may never know when another delay steps in.

We jump from 2009 to 2016, and technology improved a lot since then. Unfortunately, the images’ quality isn’t the best, as Sony has put them on their PlayStation Facebook page, so blame them for the compression.

We can expect an enjoyable adventure in the autumn, and Ueda‘s name and resume is a key to making The Last Guardian a success.






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