Mads Mikkelsen Involved In Death Stranding? [VIDEO]

Death Stranding also started to leak like the Titanic – this time, it’s another actor rumored to participate in Kojima‘s game. Norman Reedus might be joined by Danish Mads Mikkelsen!

The video below is from YongYea, who goes into detail how he believes Mikkelsen might show up in the new Hideo Kojima game. He adds that the Japanese genius likes to reveal new information in obscure, layered ways, and this might be the case yet again.

Mikkelsen was Hannibal in NBC’s series Hannibal, but he also ended up becoming a bad guy in 2006’s James Bond movie Casino Royale. He will also play a role in the Rogue One Star Wars film, as well as the new Doctor Strange.

Death Stranding, which is going to be available on the PlayStation 4 and likely the PC with no announced release date, will probably be a sci-fi themed third-person action game.

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