Rumor: Is CD Projekt RED Preparing For A Hostile Takeover?

An Extraordinary General Meeting is scheduled to happen later in November. The scenario looks ominous.

On the NeoGAF forums, a rumor surfaced that the meeting will have three votings about the following topics:


  1. Vote on whether or not to allow the company to buy back part of its own shares for 250 million PLN ($64 million)
  2. Vote on whether to merge CD Projekt Brands (fully owned subsidiary that holds trademarks to the Witcher and Cyberpunk games) into the holding company
  3. Vote on the change of the company’s statute.


The first and the third voting looks to be a scenario to prepare for a hostile takeover. The Polish company wants to own the most shares possible to avoid getting booted out of CDPR. Ubisoft is doing the same thing against Vivendi, who already took Gameloft away from the Guillemot family.

Who wants to take over CD Projekt RED…?

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