Another Sony Exec Responded To No Man’s Sky Controversy [VIDEO]

Shawn Layden also had a few not-so-positive thoughts about Hello Games‘s now almost three months old game.

Layden was a guest on Live with YouTube Gaming, where he had an opinion about No Man’s Sky. He believes Hello Games (consisting of only six people) had an incredible vision, and procedurally generated worlds were a first in gaming. They also had a „huge ambition,” but the team wanted to do so much that „they’re still updating it – they’re trying to get it closer enough or closer to what their vision was.”

Layden said, „I think what we learned from that is that we don’t want to stifle ambition. We don’t want to stifle creativity. We don’t want to put people into slots where they must execute against an action adventure path or a fighting path or a shooting path. Perhaps over time [No Man’s Sky] will reveal itself to be all it can be. Sometimes you just don’t get all the way there at the first go.”

Layden recapped it: No Man’s Sky didn’t manage to reach the expectations when it launched.

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