Sony Sold PlayStation 4s Like Hot Cakes In December!

Sony still flies high with the PlayStation 4.

It’s going to be one month tomorrow since Sony revealed that the PS4 is over 50 million sales. Yesterday, Sony’s CEO, Kazuo Hirai has announced that their console is now at 53.4 million. This information means that in just a single month (!); we bought over three million PlayStations, which is an impressive result.

From November 21 to January 1, a total of 6.2 million PlayStation 4s were sold, and this figure includes the Slim and the Pro models as well. They have nothing to worry about with games either: until December 21, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End had 8.7 million copies sold, including both digital and retail versions. Sony cited that the PlayStation 4 bundle with Naughty Dog’s game is quite popular.

Hirai didn’t reveal figures about the PlayStation VR either; he just said that it’s selling well. The virtual reality seems to be awfully silent nowadays with Sony, isn’t it?

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