Remedy Is Developing Something For PlayStation 4

It’s time for their engine to show up on Sony’s hardware.

Max Payne (1-2), Alan Wake, Quantum Break – out of these titles, only Max’s adventures are available on Sony’s platforms (they got PS2 ports back then), but since then, Remedy made nothing for PlayStation.

They announced that their last business year ended with a 3.9 million euro operating profit, mostly due to Quantum Break, which is available on Xbox One and PC. They also said that they are collaborating with South Korean Smilegate on the development of CrossFire 2. The first game has over 650 million registered users.

The other project, codenamed P7, is in development for multiple platforms, but since they mention PlayStation 4, it’s potentially going to be a multiplat title (PS4/X1/PC). It is going to utilize their new engine, called Northlight.

The team is busy, indeed.

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