Remedy: „Quantum Break Was An Experiment!”

Last year’s Xbox One/PC game was an experiment, it seems.

Sam Lake. Do you know who he is? Well, the Finnish writer borrowed his face for Remedy Entertainment’s Max Payne – the devs were behind the first two games, and effectively, you controlled (and plonked a ton of painkillers into) Lake. He was the writer, creative director, and screenwriter for Quantum Break, and he also had a writing position for Alan Wake.

Lake, who thinks there is a chance of games and movies teaming up into one mixture, said the following at the Tribeca Games Festival: „Yes, I think they will probably merge into some surprising things. But, once again, there is so much joy and wealth in front of all these media that you have a choice. It’s like a candy store. We have the luxury of being in front of many arts and entertainment to live. I do not know if they really have to be associated, but I think that will happen. Again, it will be surprising.”

Quantum Break was close to a movie for a reason (its cutscenes took either 40 or 60 gigabytes, one of the two) – Sam Lake was experimenting with the game. Maybe Remedy’s next project, Project 7, could be the next step in mixing games with movies.


You can read our review of HERE.

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