Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Closed Beta Detailed

…wait, what?

Square Enix‘ game expands, as expected. However, this time, they are going to test the multiplayer component of the JRPG, as the Japanese company announced Comrades‘ closed beta as well as what we can expect in it. The closed beta will run between August 3 and August 8, and to participate, you have to own the Season Pass, and also have an active PlayStation Plus/Xbox Live Gold subscription. (Your results will not be lifted over to the final version, which will also have different content from the beta.)

In Comrades, you can play three quests with three legs each with three friends, with custom avatars (you can store up to eight of them), who can use katanas, clubs, daggers, and shurikens. More details can be found here.

At least Square Enix‘ game, which launched last November, gives people reason to pick it up (again).

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