Dragon Quest XI: Outstanding Success In Japan!

It sold more than you would think in just mere days!

Gematsu reports that in just TWO days, the RPG managed to sell over two million (!!!) copies total on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS, and the result doesn’t even include digital sales. The interesting fact here is that the PS4 version couldn’t crack a million, while the good old 3DS took over 1.1 copies…

The franchise is still a huge success – if you consider that Splatoon 2 didn’t even reach one million sales in its first two-three days, then Square Enix’ result shines even brighter than before. Remember, the company will bring the RPG over to the West under the name Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age in 2018 for undisclosed platforms (PS4, 3DS, Switch – the third one is still in development).

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