Shadow Of The Colossus: Five Things That Could Make The Remake Interesting

We won’t get a simple port for Shadow of the Colossus next year.

On the PlayStation Blog, a detailed post surfaced regarding the PlayStation 4 remake of Team ICO’s 2005 game. They listed five reasons how it will differ from the PlayStation 2 original.

„1. It’s big on detail: „Pebbles crumble under Wander’s hands as he clambers up fragile rock faces. His faithful steed Agro leaves footprints in the sand which eventually disappear in the wind. Blue butterflies dance between the leaves of a sun-dappled woodland. […]” That starts out well, but there’s more.

„2. The colossi pack an almighty punch: […] wait until you see these magnificent beasts on PS4 Pro. Their fur rustles in the wind and deforms as Wander does his best to cling to it, while each movement is slickly animated to convey further the sheer size and power bearing down on you.” The third and fourth points are related to controls. The third one says that they are streamlined: you can use the DualShock 4’s touch pad to bring up a map, jumping is moved from Triangle to X, and the dodge roll is done with the Circle button instead of R1+Triangle. You can still play with classic controls; the fourth point says – some movements also stayed on the original mapping, such as the grab (R2). We’d just like to quote the fifth point: „5. It’s every bit as beautiful as you remember” – there’s nothing else that needs to be said here.

Shadow of the Colossus‘ remake (developed by Bluepoint and SIE Japan Studio) will launch on February 6, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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