Antigraviator: What If WipEout Was An Indie Development? [VIDEO]

Cybernetic Walrus’ game rethinks the anti-gravitation racing.

The game, which you can read a preview of here, is utilizing the Unity engine. It recently showed in the past that it could be used wisely in the right hands with Cuphead. Cybernetic Walrus promises destructible environments and upgradable vehicles (called Gravs) to race, and there will also be split-screen racing as well.

Antigraviator, which will have a single player campaign, is set in 2210, has no release date yet, only a release window: Q2 2018, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In case you don’t have a PlayStation 4 and would like to play WipEout without any emulation involved, this game could be a good alternative. Sabotage the other drivers!

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