The Jet Set Radio Game That Didn’t Get Greenlighted! [VIDEO]

Dinosaur Games had ideas, but SEGA didn’t accept them.

The game would have bene called Jet Set Radio Evolution, and the developers wrote the following quote on ArtStation: „We made this visual proof of concept after Sony expressed interest in seeing the characters in motion at GDC 2017. We spent a week animating and building the city for this presentation which was ultimately turned down by Sega. This was the first step towards a gameplay demo. If Sega was interested, we were going to invest in making a functioning prototype.”

On Twitter, Jesse Sosa, one of the „dinosaurs,” added a few more tidbits: „[The pitch] was for a new game. I have an idea for the combat in my head that I think would work perfectly for a game where you’re in constant motion.” „We never received any detailed information [from Sega] as to why they said no.”

Sony loved it.” „To be honest, I really don’t care if my studio ever gets to make this. I just want SOMEONE, ANYONE, to make a new Jet Set Radio.”

What did SEGA think when they refused to revive Jet Set Radio?! Dinosaur Games also had ideas for Crazy Taxi, but they had no time for that…

Source: ArtStation, Twitter

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