TOP 10 2017 – The Best PS4 Games of the Year

OPINION – Like every year, we share with you our favorite titles of the year – in one article this time. 2017 was a busy year concerning both excellent PS4 exclusive and third-party titles as well. We will show you the list of the best games of the year… right now!


The game is launching on November 11 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Have we mentioned that Corvo looks like Sam Fisher? In fact, he looks the same as the protagonist of Splinter Cell...

10. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

„With this standalone DLC called Death of the Outsider, this plotline and the character roster sees its way out the door. This game is not a new, full-fledged Dishonored title, and bidding adieu to Corvo end it is bittersweet, yet it feels new a bit. How time flies: the first Dishonored launched five years ago!We are now waving goodbye to Corvo, Emily, and the others, and the result is just a solid 7.5 out of 10.
Despite the challenges (such as the Ironman mode, that is insane), the story is not that memorable, it was not rolled further the way I thought it should have been, and Daud should have been given a bigger role than what he got. It is good, but it is not as good as the other two Dishonored titles. I’d only buy it for about 15 bucks, no more – only if it had more Bank segments, which was the highlight of the game.”


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The graphics are sub par at this point, but maybe after Infinite Warfare which was such a stylish game, it takes the spot light.

9. Call of Duty: World War II

„In the latest episode of the Call of Duty series, we return once again to World War II as it was so much “asked”, or rather: claimed by hordes of fans of the franchise and, now, the moment of truth arrives. Call of Duty: WWII faces its review with the certainty that the saga always does its homework and usually offers products of good quality. Still, is that enough? You have here our review to answer that question.
Call of Duty: WWII gives fans what they wanted, and while it is indeed missing some creative freedom, regarding game design, but the whole game is tremendously effective. Agreeing dreams and aspirations are always complicated for a settled saga, and Sledgehammer Games does not risk its bid for World War II. The campaign is excellent, only a bit brief and somewhat conventional, but in everything else, it does offer a very good level. That is, it is an episode very rich in content and with a conservative online but still perfectly calculated to be simple, frenetic and very addictive.”


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There seems to be some minimalistic way of controlling land, and an in-game economy will be a part of the overall gameplay for Shadow of War, but as of yet not much has been revealed.

8. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

“We return to the Tolkien universe, and that is always great news. In this review of Middle Earth: Shadows of War I value if the sequel to Shadows of Mordor lives up to the legacy of its predecessor. To achieve this Monolith relies on the Nemesis system making it grow in new directions. Many hours, playable possibilities and joys for another great game about The Lord of the Rings.

Warner and Monolith take us back to Middle-earth with great success. Shadows of War is no longer the surprise of the first trip through Mordor, but not only treasures all the virtues of his predecessor but also explodes in new directions. It will undoubtedly be one of the most important adventures and action games of this year and will achieve this thanks to experiences as exciting and stimulating as creating our own army and command it in the universe of Tolkien. A dream came true.”



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In this way, we feel each and every one of the fights as if they were important.

7. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

“Ninja Theory has jumped … without a safety net. The creators of Heavenly Sword or Enslaved move to more independent development with a video game in which they play everything. In this analysis of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice I tell you if this trip of his troubled protagonist deserves your attention, but I’m going ahead that is something unique and of tremendous beauty. Two faculties that do not abound. It’s indeed a spectacular narrative exercise, crude but fascinating, that uses all its elements to put us in the skin of its protagonist.

Because of his work environment, for his more than interesting look at the Norse mythology, to possess one of the most interesting female characters in the middle, and to manage to fight against stigma and prejudice by putting us in a situation that we might not otherwise understand, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is one of the most important video games I’ve ever had the fortune to experience, and I want to think that many future titles will take lessons from him to tell his stories. But I have to confess that it is not at all a simple game to play. I am not referring to his curve of difficulty, which is more than adequate, but to his emotional weight: the universe of Senua, his suffering and his struggle hide many horrors. And yet, let us glimpse a small optimistic message: even in the hardest moments, we can keep fighting. We can keep walking forward.”


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Tag Team Battles with an AI team-mate (why do we have a feeling that this game was originally developed for the PS Vita?), the Lunar Style allows us to get to the enemies as fast as possible and the other new style of gameplay called Jupiter Style is much more brute force, seeing how the environments are destructible...

6. Gravity Rush 2

“In spite of the reserved success of PS Vita in West, nobody forgot Gravity Rush and its heroine Kat, in a video game which married a singular and interesting universe and with a striking concept based on the manipulation of the gravity. Sony didn’t forget her either because of Gravity Rush 2: she’s back on the PlayStation 4 only this time around.
The last thing, when I say that Gravity Rush 2 had the ingredients of a true AAA, it also feels in the style of the game. Of course, we are not spared from some bugs of collision here and there. But by style, I meant especially the difference between a game which turns only on a single concept and a polished up production.

The story is, in particular, told passages in a French comic book style, which have the advantage to be cheaper to produce than a large-scale kinematics, while still being very effective when to present a whole universe. Gravity Rush 2 is a game full of life, and its particular style is well present in the numerous details which illuminate the city. Even during the outdoor missions, certain landscapes are really magnificent, and except the mining zones which are lacking diversity, we are ceaselessly charmed.”


-BadSector –

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The presentation of Nioh is good, but at times it does feel like that this game is much better enjoyed on a PS4 Pro.

5. Nioh

“2017 was one hell of a ride for PlayStation 4 owners, and that ride starts out with a game that has been limbo since 2007. While Final Fantasy XV (in some capacity), and The Last Guardian was able to wow the audience, but they were also high-risk ventures for Sony, and their respective companies, with Square Enix, nearly dabbling the project for a decade. Both have been a critical success, and out of the two, one was a Sony exclusive.

In the end even with all its faults, and initial issues I had with Nioh are minor compared to the full package we got for sixty dollars (or 60 EUR, or whichever currency). It might seem like a short linear game, but it will take around a good 30-50 hours to complete it with all the side missions, collecting all the allies, and playing new game plus. Is it a perfect action-RPG? No, as the story is okay, and the graphics are all over the place, but it has that old Team Ninja signature style that I have been missing since playing Ninja Gaiden 2. It is a welcome take on the genre, and can surpass the name callings of Well this is just a Dark Souls clone! A great purchase for those who love action-RPGs, have patience, love the brutal combat and are not afraid of difficulty spikes.”


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Refreshingly, Joker and his friends embrace their supernatural abilities and aim to go about ‘stealing’ treasure from the inner minds of particularly evil or distorted individuals, forcing them to have a change of heart in the real world.

4. Persona 5

“One of the bitter experiences of growing up is realizing that not everyone is good. You spend your whole childhood being told by your parents that adults have your back. Your teachers, the community leaders, the politicians – they’re all supposed to be looking out and care for you – for your good. When that turns out not to be the case, it can be a harsh reality check.
Persona 5 is the ultimate Japanese role-playing game any PlayStation 4 owner, newbie or hardcore fan, should give a go in 2017. Combining addictive social simulation mechanics with fast and frantic turn-based combat systems and an engaging long-form anime storyline, it adds a level of style and flair to the already esteemed JRPG franchise, elevating it from the fringes of niche and decisively into the mainstream – without sacrificing its unique formula or identity.”


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All the virtues that the series traditionally shows in the artistic scene once again shine with a backdrop as spectacular as that of Egypt.

3. Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Bayek of Siwa is the latest assassin in Ubisoft’s long-running series of historical open world extravaganza which pits assassins and templars against one each other. Alternatively… should we say, that is he is the first? Indeed, Origins is set long before the very first Assassin’s Creed game and – as the title suggests – it is the origin history of the whole assassin myth. Does it matter anyway? Moreover, more importantly: does the game stand up the renomé of the brand?
Assassin’s Creed Origins is exactly what it promised. Waiting a year for the adventure of Bayek has been worth it, and we are talking about an extraordinary launch that returns us to the best form of the franchise. With a more focused history and a less fickle quality level for secondary missions, we would speak of a stratospheric video game, but even so, it will be deservedly and with little discussion one of the best action adventures of this year.


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Lost Legacy might not be memorable, though.

2. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Without an inch of fear or hesitation, Naughty Dog recycles Uncharted 4 gameplay elements to offer another round of more of the same, but more of the same is a lot when we talk about Naughty Dog! Indeed, Uncharted: Lost Legacy standalone DLC has the same level of epic action, awesome vistas, memorable characters and professional storytelling, as any other episode of this highly successful action-adventure series. Yes, even without Nathan Drake…
8 to 10 hours of gameplay (varying on the difficulty of course) is more than generous for a DLC; it’s the average length of some AAA games nowadays. Besides that fact, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy also embraces the same level of quality that we’ve come to expect from the series. True, there are some repetitive combat encounters which dampen the proceedings, and also the exploration behind the wheel of the jeep feels a bit long, but the emphasis on exploration and puzzles is a refreshing change of pace. Most importantly, Chloe and Nadine exceptionally shine as the game’s lead characters, which contributes to a high-stakes adventure that’s easy to be “lost” in.


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The human enemies are also far less interesting, and combat involves shooting them in the head from a distance while their lackluster AI struggles to counteract.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” This famous quote of Albert Einstein is the almost exact match for Guerilla Games science-fiction and fantasy action RPG, where humanity is taken back to a primitive state and living in tribes and kingdoms, it fights against each other and strange, animal-like, huge robots. Living it this apocalyptic world, our own female protagonist, Aloy is a girl with extraordinary skills and a strange heritage – she’s first an outcast, only to become later a true heroine of humanity. Welcome to Horizon: Zero Dawn, Sony PlayStation’s long awaited masterpiece!

Amsterdam-based studio Guerilla Games, best known for PlayStation’s grim but visually impressive Killzone franchise, spent more than six years on Horizon Zero Dawn, and it shows: in the beauty of the game’s visuals, the depth of its backstory and the tightness of its design. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we’ll see of this high-tech savage land.

It’s indeed rare for a game to have so many facets of brilliance without almost no sacrifices along the way. Nothing about Horizon Zero Dawn is weak, everything has been built with the utmost care, and there was never a moment when playing I considered to be filler and unnecessary. Guerilla has crafted something special, and all the hype has been completely justified.


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