Dark Souls Remastered: Disappointing News For PlayStation 4 And PC!

The two platforms can be disappointed for two different reasons after the Nintendo Direct mini announcement.

Let’s start with the PC. As Dark Souls has been available there for a while, the question whether owners of the Prepare to Die Edition could get a discount is a good one. Apparently, a Bandai Namco spokesman told PCGamer that there will be no discount, denying the rumors on ResetEra, where a 50% discount shot was taken on Bandai Namco’s store. However, Amazon offers the game for 40 dollars, which is not full price, and on Steam, the new EU community manager of Bandai Namco doesn’t know what PCG’s source is, as they did not announce anything regarding the discount yet…

Vaati, known on YouTube for his Dark Souls coverage, said the following on Twitter regarding the PlayStation 4 port: „Dark Souls Remastered will not include new assets based on the Dark Souls 3 engine or any combat differences. There is no HDR lighting for the PlayStation 4 Pro version.”

At least they kept the 4K resolution, although we have yet to see if it will be a native 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X or not. (And there’s also the frame rate question: will the consoles be capable of pushing a solid 60 FPS?)

Dark Souls Remastered will launch on May 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: PCGamer, ResetEra, Steam Twitter

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