Is Sony Finally Working On A Highly Anticipated Function On The PlayStation Network?

It’s something that we’ve been asking for years, and it already seemed to be on the road to completion last year. Sony might get to it this year!

Last year, Shawn Layden, the American boss of PlayStation, was already hinting at the PlayStation Experience that they might be working on the possibility of allowing us to change our PlayStation Network IDs! Let’s face it, we all have been there when we just couldn’t bare with our old PSN ID

PushSquare got a confidental email which had a link to a survey. In short, Sony plans to allow us to change our ID multiple times for free, but it’d only be possible once every six months. Also, if we’d like to revert to a previous PlayStation Network handle, we’d have to contact Sony’s customer support.

The email requires anonimity, but PushSquare has confirmed it to be a legitimate one. Even if we’d have to pay to change our PlayStation Network ID after a few times, it’d still be something that the PlayStation community would accept.

Is Sony going to announce this plan at E3?

Source: PushSquare


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