Dishonored 2 Enters The Comic Book Market!

Titan Comics expands its already prolific game-to-comic adaptations even further!

We’ve seen several games turned into comic books via Titan Comics recently – just to name two: Bloodborne, Assassin’s Creed: Origins -, and now, it’s Dishonored 2‘s turn. Dishonored 2: The Peeress and the Price follows the idea that Ubisoft’s comic book adaptation had, as it will start after the events of the game! Corvo and Emily are back in Dunwall, and there’s a deadly new enemy that could spell doom for them both.

It’s written by Michael Moreci, and its art is presented by Andrea Olimpieri (Dishonored, True Blood) and Mattia Iacono (Dark Souls). PCGamer published a few pages of it.

The comic will launch both physically and digitally on February 20, for 17 dollars. That’s a lot to ask for 64 pages, to be fair…

Source: PCGamer

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