Valve Needs To Do Something New, Says Gabe Newell’s Son! [VIDEO]

There’s also a mystery solved regarding the first Half-Life game.

Gray Newell is the son of Valve‘s boss, Gabe Newell. He was interviewed by Valve News Network, and he talked about several subjects, including his project (Fury), and Valve. „The final boss of Half-Life 1, the giant evil baby monster is supposed to be me. When my mother was in childbirth, they were thinking, what’s something really scary? And at the time, having a child seemed scary for everyone,” Gray said. He doesn’t play much of Valve‘s games – instead, he’s concentrating on his development studio, Naetyr.

The team is working on Fury, which, according to Gray, is going to be an FPS MMO with user created elements, „similarly to Garry’s Mod, Spore, and in the same vein as Star Citizen.” Gaben’s son is called a „good kind of crazy” by Valve’s team regarding his game, and he admitted that the game isn’t financed nor by his father, neither by Valve.

„If it’s one thing I’d like to see Valve do, it’s pushing it with more their ideas. The people there are the smartest I’ve ever met, the hardest working, the most inspiring. The culture at Valve is a very good one, but they’ve found this point where they’re a working machine. And that’s good, but I think they should reach out and do something scary. Do something that they don’t know what the outcome is going to be.  They make incredibly smart decisions, but sometimes you have to do something stupid. Sometimes you have to have a stupid crazy idea and say ‘fuck it,’ go with it. Valve has a mindbogglingly enormous amount of resources at their back, and I hope they find the courage to throw it at something new. I want to see them push the envelope again,” Gray said.

Source: PCGamer

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