Ready At Dawn Is Working On A New Action Game!

After The Order: 1886 (which was a long time ago…), Ready at Dawn is working on a new game. What could it be?

We haven’t heard from the developers for a long time, even though they have shown what the PlayStation 4 could be visually capable of with The Order: 1886. And back then, there was no PlayStation 4 Pro yet in 2015!

However, their website’s Careers page needs to be quoted. „A new AAA third-person action console title, based on a brand new original IP.” Which means it’s not going to be a sequel to The Order: 1886, which could take not five, but six hours this time to complete!

We’d also like to mention that Deformers (which is in development for PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC) is planned to launch in China with the help of Tencent. (Don’t forget about them! They are responsible for the mobile port and the PC version in China for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds!)

We believe we’ll hear of this new game at the E3 in June. It might not be a PlayStation-exclusive game, as the definition didn’t mention it. We’ll see.

Source: Ready at Dawn

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