BREAKING! 2K Games would be working on a new BioShock!

The project, still in its early stages of development, would respond to the codename of Parkside.

A small group of developers at 2K Games would be working on a new BioShock according to a journalist from Kotaku, Jason Schreir, who has dedicated an extensive report to the creators of the failed Mafia III, the study of Hangar 13, which in recent times has been shaken by a wave of layoffs. “Some left voluntarily, others were let go or asked to leave, some went to other companies,” says the journalist, “and others to a neighboring secret studio that works on a new BioShock still not announced.”

Apparently, the project is so secret that few in the studio know of its existence. Its code name is Parkside. “At the next door,” the journalist relates, “a small team is working on a project called Parkside, recruiting in silence to work on a game so secret that they could not even comment with their colleagues at Hangar 13″. Such is the secrecy surrounding this game that some situations of “tension” have even been created, since developers of Mafia 3 “looked and asked ‘why are not we there?'”

Always attending to the filtered information, this new BioShock would be developed with the Unreal Engine 4. Some creatives of Hangar 13 would have tried to join the project, more after the changes and swings that Rhapsody has suffered, his new work, “but not all They have gotten”. The project, however, would still be at an early stage of its development. “It is not yet ready for many people to work on it, they are analyzing the essence of BioShock and are being careful not to fall into the same problem as other studies, where there are too many people with nothing to do.”

For now, however, 2K Games has not officially announced the development of a new episode of the BioShock saga.

Source: Destructoid

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