Detroit: Become Human Reaches A Milestone!

Quantic Dream’s latest game, which launched a little over two months ago on PlayStation 4, achieved an important result.

The game’s official Twitter account announced () a figure that seems to have arrived a little later than what we would have expected: „You are now well over 1,5 million worldwide to have played Detroit: Become Human, totalling above 20 million hours of playtime!” With these two numbers, we can quickly count that one player spent at least 13.3 hours on average (!) in the American city riddled with the conflict between humans and androids.

Although we can call the 1.5 million number respectable, we should expect more from David Cage’s team: their two previous games on PlayStation 3 (Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain) might have gone further than Detroit: Become Human (especially the latter, which reached 5 million sales in January, albeit with the PS4 re-release included). Sure, this game came out on May 25, but since the previous console generation, the gaming industry became more mainstream…

Still, congratulations to Quantic Dream!

Source: WCCFTech

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