Will There Ever Be A New Resistance Game?

Insomniac Games’ previous franchise has been silent for several years. Is there a chance of returning to it?

The developers are working on Spider-Man (on a patch and the DLC at least, as the game has gone gold, and the physical discs are being manufactured already), but they were behind Resistance, too. Finder interviewed James Stevenson, the community director of Insomniac Games, who answered the question in the title:

„Oh wow, if I was a betting man? It feels like it’s a longshot to me. But I have learned over the years never to say never. I think there are a lot of people out there that have fond memories of a Resistance game from the PS3 era, but yeah, never say never, it’s just that we have no plans to make another Resistance game in the future,” Stevenson said.

What about another developer? Could someone else receive the IP to do something with it? „I’m not sure. Other developers made the portable versions for the PSP [2009’s Resistance: Retribution by Bend Studio] and Vita [2012’s Resistance: Burning Skies by nStigate Games] back in the day. It’s Sony that owns the IP and owns that universe. So I guess if they were passionate about making Resistance 4 and we couldn’t or didn’t want to do it, Sony could engage another developer. But that would be up to Sony, not us.”

Don’t put a lot of hope on a new Resistance game – although 2011’s Resistance 3 was a good game on PlayStation 3, it didn’t sell as expected, which is why we haven’t seen the franchise on PlayStation 4. What about remastering the first three games on PS4, though?

Source: DualShockers

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